Faculty of Juridical Sciences

  • Perspectives of National Legislation in a European Context

Faculty of Economics, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Challenges and Perspectives in the Globalized Economy
  • Applied Computer Science and Statistical Researches
  • Present and Perspective in Forestry, Agritourism and Geography

Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Physical Education and Sports

  • Identity, Security, Linguistic and Cultural Communication in the New European Context
  • New Scientific Trends in Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work
  • Sports and Movement Behaviour

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Perspectives in Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences for a Better Quality of Life
  • Workshop: Internationalization and Curricular Uniformity Strategies for the Faculty of Pharmacy”

Faculty of Medicine

  • Interdisciplinarity in Medical Research
  • Interdisciplinarity in Surgical Sciences
  • Biological ans Life Sciences Research: Perspectives


The Department for Teaching Staff’s Training

  • The Quality of Education in the 3rd Millenium – 7th edition
  • Symposium of curriculum and didactics: ”From Formal Curriculum to the Applied Curriculum: Means to Put into Practice the New Curriculum for the Secondary Education” (Proposition Prof. O. Mândruț)
  • The Geography Teachers’ Regional Conference: “New Curricul for Geography in the Secondary Education – between Globalisation, New Education Paradigms and Permanent Training” (Proposition Prof. O. Mândruț)

The Centre for Multicultural and Heritage Assets

  • Vasile Goldiș – 155 years from his birth (1862-1934); presentations of studies and communications
  • Launching of the homage volume ”Vasile Goldiș – 155 from his birth (1862-1934)”

The Journal of Science and Culture Studies

Section: Centennial Romania:

  1. Preparation of the Great Union of December 1st 1918 in the journals of the time: Scientific Communications
  2. Books launching
    1. Assoc. prof. Eugen Gagea, PhD – Vasile Goldiş and His Contemporaries, Gutenberg Univers Publishing House, Arad, 2017
    2. Ms.  Viviana Milivoievici, PhD, scientific researcher, Romanian Academy –Timişoara Branch – Infinite Blue, Foreword by Vasile Man (Poetry as Destiny), Afterword by Florica Păţan (The Quantic Lyrism of the INFINITE-BLUE), Timişoara, David Press Print Publishing House, Collection Poesis, 2017
    3. Prof. Vasile Man – Presentation of the Journal of Science and Culture Studies, volume XIII, issue 2, March 2017
  3. Exposition: Publications and volume dedicated to the Great Union of December 1st, 1918


  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Translation, Communication and Security in the European Union
  • New Scientific Trends in Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Medicine in English
  • Medicine in French
  • Medicine in Romanian
  • Biology
  • Medical Doctoral
  • Biological Doctoral